July 15

Technique for 'desnietar' the vine at ÁBALOS, Rioja Alta


Cantauri Wines

Did you know that grandchildren grow on vine shoots?

Well, today we're going to get rid of those grandchildren with Carlos Alonso Zuñeda, winegrower and owner of Vinos Cantauri in ÁBALOS (RIOJA ALTA).

What are grandchildren?

These are the unfertile, unnecessary and vigorous shoots that grow on the main shoot.

What is denial?

It is a fundamental task that consists of removing the green shoots or grandchildren that come out next to the grapes or below them and that only produce leaves.

Why is it being unveiled?

The aim is to provide the plant with greater aeration and to ensure that nutrients are directed to the berries and do not remain in the leaves. This practice helps to prevent diseases, facilitates the harvest and favours the use of fewer phytosanitary treatments, achieving a more sustainable viticulture with a minimum impact on the natural environment, which will result in better quality grapes.

Are there any disadvantages to skimming?

Yes, the grapes are more unprotected against bad weather, such as hail, and can do more damage.

When will it be unveiled?

Early June.


Desnietar, Winemaking

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