Bodegas Alonso González is a family-owned winery that was founded in 1977 when “grandfather Juaquin Zuñeda and grandmother Maria Nieves Estibaliz” decided to make winemaking their lives. In 1982 Maria Pilar Zuñeda and her husband Carlos Alonso González decided to follow the tradition by joining the project full-time and giving shape to their dreams by building the new winery in the village of Abalos; an exceptional area for high-quality grape growing with its own unique personality.

In 1990, they created the CANTAURI brand and began to make and sell new young wines, Crianzas, Reservas and Gran Reservas.

In 2001, it was their son Carlos Alonso Zuñeda who took over the reins. The secret of our success is limited productions, making the wine according to traditional methods, keeping a very careful eye on the vines and selecting the best grapes; this is why every year our wines win prizes for their quality in terms of aroma, palate and colour. A family-owned winery resulting from years of hard work and effort, which continues to produce high-quality wines with great success.


Our winemaking facility has an area of 600m2 and is equipped with the most advanced technology and the best stainless-steel tanks. This allows us to control the fermentation process with the fullest guarantees in terms of quality and hygiene, which from the very beginning allow us to carry out a careful, meticulous process of reception of the grapes and to make our wines according to traditional methods.
We have an annual capacity of 180,000 litres, 80% of which is devoted to young wines, 15% to Crianzas, Reservas and Gran Reservas, and 5% to Rosé and White wines.
Our facilities are designed to ensure the highest quality throughout the process; gentle destemming, 20,000 litre fermenters for better control and pneumatic pressing using air pressure.


We have a large underground cellar with a capacity of 700 barrels. It has perfect environmental conditions for developing the best qualities of what we regard as a living thing.
Here the wines continue maturing to become Crianzas, Reservas and Gran Reservas.


Once the wine has been bottled, it is taken to this room to rest in large containers of 588 bottles each, until it is ready for labelling and putting on sale. The time this takes varies depending on the particular characteristics of each wine.